Options: Basalt Black

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Base Kit Includes:

  • Keyboard case
  • Keyboard plate (aluminum, will match the finish of the selected case colorway)
  • PCBs (USB PCB, hot-swap keyboard PCB, LED PCB)
  • Carrying box

Case info:

  •  Mounting method: Gasket
  •  Weight: 2.4kg – Dimensions: 340x180x42mm
  •  Case: 6063 aluminum alloy
  •  Electrophoresis coating - Cloud White, Aquatic Green, and Budapest Pink
  • Anodized coating - Basalt Black
  •  Machining: CNC
  •  PCB: Hot-swappable
  •  Layout: ANSI layout
  •  Typing angle: 10°


  • US: Space (You're here!)
  • CA: Ashkeebs
  • EU: MyKeyboard
  • SK: Swag Keys
  • SEA: Mecha Store

 Lighting Software Download


A word from the creators, AngryMiao.


This time, we've brought Wes Anderson's color palette to CYBERBOARD.
21% saturation, a perfect combination between a classy tone and a hardcore silhouette.

Inspired by Wed Anderson

Warm pastel hues, elaborate production sets, symmetrical compositions - Wes Anderson movies always contain a sense of idiosyncratic and exquisiteness. Taking inspiration from his movies, and his unique color palette; we have created CYBERBOARD R3.


Budapest Pink: Classy but not showy, like the hotel’s exterior wall.
Aquatic Green: Tranquil yet refreshing, like the cabin in Come Together.
Cloud White: Calm and timeless; similar to Professor Watanabe's lab in Isle of Dogs.

Three artful colorways, carefully selected by us, for you to choose.

Delicacy & Smoothness

Electrophoresis coating is used on Cloud White, Aquatic Green, and Budapest Pink colorways, which help give the CYBERBOARD a more nostalgic feeling. It also provides more of a saturation range and improves scratch resistance. 

Touch the CYBERBOARD, you'd feel the exquisite smoothness and quality.

Gasket Mount

CYBERBOARD R3 features a Gasket Mount, which improves both the sound and feel of the keyboard. Try it, and you'll understand.

Upgraded LED Matrix

Show off your creativity with the upgraded LED matrix! It now has a higher refresh rate, stronger color reproduction, key lights, and more DIY effect slots. Express your originality to the max.

Seamless Bluetooth Switching

We removed the physical dual-mode switch. Now, just simply unplug the cable and the keyboard will switch to Bluetooth mode automatically.

More Plates to Choose

Each plate will be the same color as the respective CYBERBOARD (Budapest Pink, Aquatic Green, Cloud White, and Basalt Black), the default plate maintains the visual consistency. We also have Brushed Brass, Golden Black FR-4, 1.5mm Translucent PC, and Black Aluminum plates, providing multiple choices for OGs.

Still prefer the hardcore vibe?

No worries! We also have Basalt Black for you! 

The Basalt Black version uses anodized coating in order to enhance the metallic feeling.






Options: Basalt Black