AM Compact Touch 2

Color: Snow Peak

AM Compact Touch R2 new features

  • Three new unique colorways. Engraved touch panel available with the "Donut" colorway and "The Flash" front cover.
  • Two new replaceable front covers (for sale separately).
  • 2.4G hardware support. In combination with the AM Sniper2.4 dongle, users can take advantage of low latency 2.4G wireless connectivity.
  • Touch panel has been upgraded to glass for improved sensitivity and accuracy, as well as improved scratch resistance.
  • Upgraded internals, including a new PET film with cutouts for an improved typing feel and sound profile.

Detailed Features


  • The keyboard layout was simplified from a 65% layout, developed intending to maintain the fundamental user habit of 65% while maintaining a symmetrical layout.
  • Real glass touch panel on the front to provide four-way arrow keys with swipe and hold, replacing traditional arrow keys.
  • Blocker RGB lighting powered by 4 independent LEDs is available in the Donut and Blue Velocity colorways. The hardware, which is powered by its own individual PCB, is included with Snow Peak as well (can be enabled by replacing the front cover).
  • 10-degree typing angle and 20mm front height for comfortable use without a wrist rest.


  • The keyboard case is CNC-machined from 6063 aluminum alloy.
  • Hotswap PCB allows users to change switches at will.
  • In-switch RGB support (can be customized using AM Master).
  • Upgraded internals for a better-sounding keyboard. The PET film with cutouts allows for an improved typing feel and sound profile
  • FR4 plate with cutouts for a more elastic typing feel (POM plate optional).
  • Poron foam is placed at the bottom to minimize vibration and hollow sound.

2-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount (8 combos total)

  • Inspired by coilover suspension seen on modified cars, the adjustable leaf spring mount allows users to modify keyboard flex with a total of 8 different typing combos.
  • Two different types of leaf springs are provided: Phosphorus copper (for a softer typing feel) and stainless steel (for a harder typing feel). The leaf springs provide 2 stages of hardness adjustments. To provide three different types of feel, additional PORON pads with different thicknesses are provided with the keyboard.
  • Aside from adjusting the 2 leaf spring gears from soft to hard, rebound stiffness can be adjusted by switching between the two different leaf-spring materials: phosphorus copper and stainless steel. In addition, conventional adjustment solutions, such as adjustment pads, PCB pads, and an additional bottom pad, are also provided for mixing and matching. The firmest typing feel can be achieved by adding all the pads. Removing all the pads results in the softest feel and touch.


  • Tri-mode ready: low latency 2.4G hardware support built-in, 2.4G wireless can be used in combination with the AM Sniper2.4 dongle.
  • Bluetooth and USB-C wired connectivity are available out of the box and support seamless automatic switching.
  • Wireless charging using the Qi protocol. Works great in combination with CYBERMAT.



Inspired by chocolate-flavored donuts. Features touch panel engraving. Matched with Domikey × Glove × Angry Miao triple-shot ABS keycaps in the Bundle.

Snow Peak

A stunning contrast of a front cover finished in a white e-coat and an anodized keyboard body.

Blue Velocity

A Lamborghini Aventador S for your desktop. Black anodized keyboard body matched with an anodized blue front cover.


  • Layout: Angry Miao layout simplified from 65%
  • Mount: 2-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount
  • Typing angle: 10°
  • Weight: Base Kit 1.40Kg, Bundle 1.47Kg
  • Material: 6063 aluminum alloy keyboard body
  • Dimensions: 296.7mm (L), 119.9mm (W), 20mm (front height excluding feet), 39.2mm (rear height excluding feet)
  • Finish: anodizing, e-coat (electrophoresis)
  • PCB: 1.2mm 4-layer hotswap PCB with cutouts and in-switch LEDs, USB Type-C port (supports C to C), Bluetooth 5.1, RGB configurable via Angry Miao DIY site
  • Colorways: Donut, Snow Peak, Blue Velocity
  • Variants: Base Kit 

Optional Split Backspace

To provide users with a typing experience option closer to the original HHKB layout, we offer a separate split backspace PCB.

In the box

Base Kit includes:

Keyboard body (aluminum alloy), PCB (hot-swap, cut-outs, RGB, 1.2mm thickness), FR4 plate, Leaf Spring Flex Kit, keyboard case.


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Customers are expected to receive their shipment from us between 04/15/24 and 05/10/24

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AM Compact Touch 2

AM Compact Touch 2


AM Compact Touch 2

Color: Snow Peak