Gina Macro-Numpad by KeebCats - Accessories

Accessory: Black Pom Plate - Flex Cuts

About the project

🎩 Power-Up Your Gina Macro-Numpad with Fancy Extras!

Fancy seeing you here. If you've ever wanted to see a fancy cat, the party starts here. Make your Gina Macro-Numpad sparkle with extra accessories! Our accessories range is here to amp up your keypad game. Hand-chosen by KeebCats, each accessory is more than just a pretty addition—it's your macro-numpad's new best friend!

🧤 Give your Gina some Kitten Mittens™️: Aluminium Plates

Give your Gina Macro-Numpad a splash of colour with our brilliant Aluminium Plates. From the pastel prettiness of E-Pink to incredible hulk-like Anodised Green and everything in between, there's a shade for every mood (though if your mood is a giant green anger monster, I suggest having a cup of chamomile tea).

It's not just about looking good; these plates also offer a solid and firm typing feel for the heavy typists amongst you!

🏃💰 🕵️‍♂️ Oh No, Gina's a Cat Burglar: POM and Carbon Fibre Plates

Fancy a quieter typing experience, allowing the speed & grace of a kleptomaniac-kitten? Try the Black POM plates, available with or without flex cuts, for that extra 'springy' feel. Or, for the enthusiasts, there's the Woven Carbon Fibre plate, delivering a satisfyingly consistent sound with every stroke.

🧬 Give Gina 900 Lives: Foam Kit and "Brain" Board

Don't miss out on the must-haves! Our Foam Kit features Case, PCB, and Switch Foam to make treat your fingers & ears to a soft, cloud-like typing experience while reducing those pesky typing noises. The "Brain" Board (daughterboard with MCU) + JST Cable is like the command centre for your Macro-Numpad, giving your Gina the ferocity of a lion. And, of course, there are our Flippable Soldered Matrix PCB and Hotswap PCBs (Regular & Southpaw) options to tailor your Gina experience just how you like it.


  • Versatile Macro-Numpad: This board is designed to be used both as a numpad and macropad.
  • Unique PCB design as it can be flipped using a daughterboard; it does not require reflashing if you decide to flip it
    Compatible with VIA/QMK
  • CNC Full Aluminium Body
  • Sandwich mounting with flex cuts
  • Plate options: Aluminium (with flex cuts), Brass, Black POM, Woven CF (with flex cuts)
  • Compatible with 1.6mm stabilisers: TX Stabs, Durock, GMK etc.
    Option for solderable LED (this will not come with the board) in both standard and southpaw NumLock keys

Regional Vendors

  • United States / Canada: SpaceHoldings
  • United Kingdom / Europe: KeebCats
  • Southeast Asian / China: iLumbKB

Acceptable Quality Standards

Gina will arrive with no external machining or finishing flaws. Internal faces may feature slight streaking, discoloration, and small machining imperfections (including plates). This is to be considered acceptable.

Gina Macro-Numpad by KeebCats - Accessories

Gina Macro-Numpad by KeebCats - Accessories

$18.00 $15.00

Gina Macro-Numpad by KeebCats - Accessories

$18.00 $15.00
Accessory: Black Pom Plate - Flex Cuts