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Frequently Asked Questions

"How can I purchase your products?"

You can fully customize a cable approximately once a month.
The windows in which these custom sales take place get announced in our Discord server.

You can also join our newsletter (it should pop up on the website)

"I've placed an order but I'd like to change something."

Changes are only accepted within 24 hours of ordering & can be done here.

"What does a coiled cable mean?"

Coiled cables are a fun way to enhance a cable and give it a little extra aesthetic look to it. When ordering, if you select a 6 ft cable with 6″ of coils, it will be 6 ft cable INCLUDING the 6″ coils.

[KEYBOARD USB] —1″—////6″ coils////————-65″——–[COMPUTER USB]

The above scheme is 6ft total.

"What is the detachable option and what do the connectors do?"

It allows you to change your cable from a USB Type-C to a USB Mini-B, or whatever other connector you might need!

Plus they look cool.


Please see our RMA - (Returns) page for information regarding returns.

"My cable isn't working."

Our cables are put through a spectrum of various tests that include:

The passing of power, data transmission, immensely stressing all connection points of the cables, etc.

While some failures may or may not be unrelated to something we did—unexplained random hardware failures have definitely occurred before.

In-short: We will absolutely take care of anyone with a failed cable.
This will include video chat troubleshooting proving the cable does not work and attempting some technical fixes that may help.

We will send you a shipping label if the cable is deemed defective, once it arrives we will go ahead and ship out the new one.

A replacement cable will be made exactly to spec of the previous one—no changes/modifications allowed.

Cable Length/Power Issues

Some keyboards such as the Drop ALT/CTRL/SHIFT, HHKB or the Ducky One 2 Mini require more power to fully function.

So the max distance recommended is about 5 FT (with coils) and 13 FT (without coils).

Attenuation occurs in all cables. (loss over distance)
For most keyboards, the max length is 16 ft.

Please also note that a coiled cable usually adds 4-8ft of length to a cable and NEEDS to be factored into total cable length. Please make sure to read through your keyboard manufacturers specs/guidelines before ordering.

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