BUBI Build Guide

Step 1: Checking for functionality

Ensure that the PCB is operating correctly by using https://caniusevia.com before commencing the assembly. Please be aware that replacement PCB solutions are not available once the assembly process has started.

Carefully attach the provided 12 foam gaskets to both sides of the protruding PCB tabs encircling the PCB's border. Aim to center these gaskets as accurately as possible. It's important to note that this is a plateless build, and you can now proceed to install the stabilizers and switches of your choice.
We recommend making sure your switches are aligned correctly prior to soldering.

Step 2: Component Preparation and Unveiling

Gently remove the protective masking paper from each of the 7 case layers and 3 feet layers.
Keep in mind that certain sections of the acrylic are thinner and more delicate, so exercise caution to prevent any damage.
Replacement layers are readily available for purchase, typically ranging from $5 to $7, depending on the specific layer.

Step 3: Partial Case Assembly

Locate the bottom piece (Layer 1, marked with the "BUBI" engraving) and position it with the engraved side facing down.

From the engraved bottom side, insert an 8mm screw, and from the opposite side without the engraving, attach the 14mm brass standoff onto the 8mm screw. Repeat this process for the additional seven 14mm brass standoffs.

Step 4: Feet Installation

From the opposite side of Layer 1, insert a 6mm screw from the top side without the engraving and attach a 6mm brass standoff from the engraved side.

Repeat this procedure for the additional two 6mm standoffs.

You may now begin "stacking" the slim acrylic feet pieces onto the 6mm brass standoffs, starting with the largest and finishing with the smallest.

Once all three pieces have been stacked, secure the final three 6mm screws into the smallest foot piece to keep them in place.

Step 5: Main Case Assembly

Identify the piece featuring a faintly engraved "2" near the bottom right-most screw hole. Stack this piece onto the 8 brass standoffs in a way that aligns the USB port cutouts when properly assembled. Repeat this process for Layer "3."

At this point, place your PCB (with switches, stabilizers, and foam gaskets already installed during Step 1) into the case.

Then, proceed to stack layers 4-6 on top.
The topmost layer (Layer 7), similar to the bottom layer (Layer 1), will not bear an engraved number. Place this top layer (Layer 7) on top of Layer 6.

You may now tighten the remaining eight 8mm screws to complete the case assembly.

Step 8: Rubber Bumpon Installation

Affix the 4 included rubber bump-ons to the "X" engravings on the bottom of the case (Layer 1, with the "BUBI" engraving and the smallest footpiece).

If you notice uneven spacing in any of the layers, you can loosen each of the eight 8mm screws by one-quarter turn and manually adjust the layers into place before retightening.


Enjoy your build!


If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at www.spaceholdings.net/support
If you happen to damage any layers during assembly, please let us know the layer number, and we have replacements readily available for $5-7, depending on the specific layer.